About Us

In November of 2015 we reached our 10th wedding anniversary! We knew each other online through a common interest chat group for about 4 years before starting to talk 1 on 1. Once we did, the attraction was solidified and things really snowballed. It wasn’t long after that we started planning to meet in person, which was more of a challenge than it sounds because David was in South Carolina, USA and Margaret was in Ontario, Canada! A little more than two years after our first meet and with as much time spent together as possible, we were married in November of 2005 and the rest is history.

We share many common interests and core values. We both come from close families and we will put our loved ones first, we are willing to do anything for them. We both come from more technical backgrounds and are very detailed oriented, some might even say there’s a bit of a ‘perfectionist’ in both of us. Unfortunately, we both tend to fall more into the introvert category, but once we start talking it’s usually pretty hard to get us to quit -- especially if you want to talk about dogs!

Our biggest shared passion is most definitely our dogs and our breeding program. We love our pack and are so proud of all of the wonderful dogs our puppies have grown into. We fell in love with everything that Tina Barber (the Breed Founder) was trying to create with the Shiloh Shepherd and we are proud to be following her detailed and comprehensive system to help improve the breed for future generations.

Beyond just following Tina’s guidelines we dove head first into all things “dog”. We started with learning more about dog behaviour and temperaments, drives and motivators, proper socialization and training techniques or philosophies, calming signals and body language...and the list goes on. We then wanted to learn more about canine structure, anatomy and musculature...what made one dog have a better flying trot than another, how does a puppy’s body change as they mature and so on. Next was all about dog health and nutrition, the canine reproductive system, common health conditions, neonatal care, common diseases and conditions along with their heritability. This lead us into more detailed genetic studies, deep pedigree research, inbreeding coefficients, tracing carriers and looking at population genetics. Long story short....we were (and still are) obsessed. We haven’t stopped learning and we don’t plan to either.

Knowing that we are bringing new furry lives into the world we feel obligated to know as much as we can. We want to ensure that not only are we producing the best possible Shilohs for new puppy owners to enjoy but that we are also working in collaboration with the other breeders to help improve the breed in each generation.

We love sharing our passion so please have a look through the rest of our website, read through our FAQs and feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Margaret & David


  • Strives to be prepared and is masterful in his researching abilities
  • Lovingly referred to as MacGyver because he can fix anything, even with limited supplies!
  • Spent much of his life on two wheels - bicycles, mountain bikes, dirt bikes and motorcycles
  • Extreme sports enthusiast and was definitely a participant well into adulthood
  • Avid photographer
  • Grew up with and around dogs all his life, starting with a White German Shepherd before moving to Jack Russell Terriers, which are really just GIANT dogs in little dog bodies
  • Interest in human structure and musculature, which was a natural transition and helpful carry over into the canine world
  • Lucky number 32


  • Very determined, she has been called “like a dog with a bone” on more than one occasion in her career (some might just call her stubborn)
  • A natural eye for design and balance - with a love for symmetry
  • Loves thunderstorms - whether it is sitting on the porch watching one or listening to the sounds when trying to sleep or concentrate
  • Didn’t own a dog growing up, but spent a lot of time with dogs through family and friends - always wishing to have her own
  • Always gets excited to dress up for Halloween
  • Mild penchant for thrill seeking
  • Eager to share her knowledge with others - loves to help others learn and is praised for her ability to explain complex topics in easy to understand pieces
  • Adores the colour purple (she even dyed her hair purple for many years)