Zion's Hope for the Future



Date of Birth: April 5, 2008
Breeder: New Zion Shilohs
Co-owner: Victory Shilohs
Gender: Female

Coat: Plush
Colour: Dark Brown Sable

Height: 27 inches
Weight: 75 pounds

Temperment: Soft


(at New Zion)
(at New Zion)
Hope/Kola 2014

About Hope

Hope is an affectionate sweetheart who came to us from New Zion in November of 2013. She very quickly fit in with our varied pack and has been a pleasure to have around. She is a pretty low key girl and is happy to lounge nearby on her bed or in her open crate most of the day, but take her out and give her a chance to run and she'll show off her playful side and gorgeous movement. Hope has never been shown, but her sweet eyes, striking deep auburn colour, and beautiful structure make her a winner in our eyes.

Hope had a tough go for a few years after being moved to a number of different foster homes. Our hearts broke to hear her troubling story and we decided to bring her home so she could have her final litter to help the Shiloh gene pool (carrying forward her great features and the wonderful dogs in her pedigree) and then be retired into the loving home she deserved.

Hope is a sweet, sensitive girl with a heart of gold. Hope never needed anything more of a correction than a disappointed look, she thrived with happy and positive reinforcement.

Now happily retired and living with a wonderful couple and a new "Shiloh Sister" playmate, Hope is blossoming into the great companion we knew she’d be. Hope has definitely stolen their hearts and we are so thrilled with the fantastic home they have given Hope!



Ace's Royal Flush of Zion


Ursa's Konstant Keeper of Zion

Hope is from the first Kayla/Acer breeding. Acer is one of New Zion’s popular studs and his picture is often one of the first that people find when searching out Shilohs. Acer has produced a lot of really wonderful Shilohs who have excelled as companions at home and as winners in the show ring. Hope took after her Dam quite a lot - while the photo may not show it, Kayla shares the same happy expression often seen on Hope. Kayla is a sweet affectionate girl, but protective when needed.