bChPtd Victory's Storming Thunder TT


Date of Birth: June 12, 2012
Breeder: Victory Shilohs
Gender: Male

Coat: Smooth
Colour: Grey Sable

Height: 30 inches
Weight: 125 pounds

Hips: PennHip L: 0.27 R: 0.28
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: holtered clear

Temperment: Medium
Temperament Test: Passed


Beau is available for stud
Beau Sitting

About Beau

Beau, like his mother, is a great representation of what a Shepherd is meant to be. He’s stable, loyal, eager to please, protective, and he loves to be involved with his family.

It is often Beau’s huge head, heavy bone and well muscled build that capture people’s attention, it all contributes to a very impressive and imposing frame. However it is the sweetness in his eyes, his goofy grin and his zest for life that will capture your heart.

Beau has always had a lot of energy and he loves to stay busy, but as he’s matured he’s able to take a toy to quietly chew and relax. Of course, if something more interesting is happening, he’d much rather be involved. Beau also has a ton of drive. His favourite toy is a one of the large “Jolly Balls” designed for horses (it is a 14” diameter ball with a big handle). When you bring out the toy, he’s at complete attention. A train could pass right next to him and he’d still be staring into your eyes waiting for you to give a command so he can get you to throw the ball. As hard as it may be to believe, food is an even stronger motivator for Beau. Feeding time is his favourite time of day! We are sure he’d figure out how to do a backflip for a meal if that’s what we wanted him to do.

Beau does have a pretty strong protective instinct, mostly relating to his space. He’s very watchful of the property and will let out his booming bark if someone approaches the yard. But it’s all noise and bluster and he can easily be called off to play a game with one of his toys.

For Beau, everything in life is just a game. He’s always looking for a way to have fun. So sometimes, when he’s left completely to his own devices, he can still be a little bit of a stinker and manage to get into some trouble. When he’s caught, he’ll do his best to try to start a game with play bows and bounces to try to get you to laugh or play.

Despite being a busy dog, Beau is also a real glutton for affection. He will sit or lay with you for as long as you will pet him. All the while, looking at you with a big silly smile. If you stop, he’ll look at you for a while to see if you’ll change your mind and if not, he’ll wander off to find something else to do.


Show Wins

Best In Show Wins 1
Best of Breed Wins 4


TT Temperament Tested (ISSR)
bChPtd Breed Champion Pointed (ISSR)



Beau's sire Piston
Piston Power Forged in Zion


Beau's dam Hemi
Victory's Hemi of Shamira-Zion

Piston is one of those “bombproof” dogs, nothing phases him. Every new experience - new people, new places, new animals - is a great adventure to him. He is a wonderful representation of the Shiloh both in temperament and in conformation. His huge size, huge head and huge personality earn him new fans everywhere he goes.

Hemi is our sweet, goofy, family girl. She loves playing with her family and regularly greets us on her back with all four legs up in the air and tail wagging. She also has a serious side and is the first to let us know when something is out of place. She has great working ability and loves to be engaged. Visit Hemi’s page for more about her.