jCH Victory's Charger TT


Name: bChPtd jCH Victory's Charger TT
Date of Birth: May 11, 2014
Breeder: Victory Shilohs
Gender: Male

Coat: Plush
Colour: Dark Grey Sable

Height: 29.5 inches
Weight: 110 pounds

Hips: pending
Elbows: pending
Heart: holtered clear

Temperment: Medium-Soft
Temperament Test: Passed

About Charger

Charger is a big handsome boy with a wild and wolfy look that is accentuated by his dark face and light eyes. Despite his intimidating look, Charger is the definition of a cuddle buddy! He is a super sweet, laid back boy who is happiest when he’s close to his family and even better if he’s being touched - and yes, that even means getting his nails cut or his feet hair trimmed. He just thrives on any one-on-one attention.

When he isn’t busy with his people, Charger loves to play. He is content to play by himself with a ball, or chew a bone (often upside down on his back and holding the bone in his mouth with his feet) but if he has the option of interacting with another dog, that would be his preference. Charger loves other dogs, big or little, he’s always friendly and eager to meet them. Since by nature, Charger is quite submissive, he’s always done wonderfully at making new canine friends. Charger is a little more reluctant to make new human friends, preferring the company of his immediate family, but given enough time he warms up to new people and will show his sweet affectionate side.

Charger is a softy at heart, he’s submissive and doesn’t have a real high pain tolerance so he doesn’t need much of a correction. Sometimes his enthusiasm will get the best of him and he will need a few reminders to mind the rules. But he’s always very apologetic and will quickly try to appease you by coming to you and asking for affection by leaning into you and staring up at you with his bright eyes and a big smile. It is nearly impossible to stay upset with him and that’s the way he likes it.

Charger was a very confident and social puppy during his first few months of life with us before leaving to his first home. Unfortunately, it turned out that home was not a good fit for him after all and we asked to have him returned to us. Since then we’ve been working on his manners and rebuilding his confidence. He still has a ways to go before he is back to the happy-go-lucky puppy unphased by anything that we remember him to be, but he’s made great strides and we feel comfortable in saying he will do well in a new forever home.


Show Wins

Best In Show Wins 1


jCH Puppy Breed Champion (ISSR)
TT Temperament Tested (ISSR)
Top Puppy - Plush Male (ISSR)



Charger's Sire Lomax
Solace's Lomax Music of IHOSS


Beau's dam Hemi
Victory's Hemi of Shamira-Zion

Charger is one of our Hemi/Lomax puppies, visit the litter page to learn more about the litter and to see Charger’s siblings.

Hemi is our sweet, goofy, family girl. She loves playing with her family and regularly greets us on her back with all four legs up in the air and tail wagging. She also has a serious side and is the first to let us know when something is out of place. She has great working ability and loves to be engaged. Visit Hemi’s page for more about her.

Lomax is a handsome guy with great size and bone and a fantastic laid back, very friendly temperament. He has never pet a person or animal that he hasn’t wanted to make his friend. One of his favourite things is to get belly rubs and he will gladly accept them from anyone!