Victory's Sassy Chassis of DPS TT

Chassis stack in the field


Date of Birth: June 6, 2014
Breeder: Dutch Pride Shilohs
Co-owned with: Guardian Kennels
Gender: Female

Coat: Plush
Colour: Golden Sable

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 80 pounds

Hips: PennHip L: 0.25 R: 0.30
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: Holtered Clear and Normal exam

Temperment: Medium-Soft
Temperament Test: Passed (Scored 97%)


Chassis/TBD Nov 2016


Chassis/TBD Nov 2016

About Chassis

Chassis is so full of life, enthusiasm, and joy! (If she had a theme song, we are sure it would be “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”!) She throws her full heart into everything she does and excels at anything she sets her mind to - especially if it means she gets to run!

She is constantly amazing us with how quickly she will pick up on new things, whether we meant to teach her or not! She quickly learns new behaviours with just a few repetitions and she doesn’t forget. When she gets an idea, she will work and work at it until she gets it right. One of her favourite games as a puppy was to see which toys she could throw into her water bucket and which ones she could fit through the bars of her crate. She was a riot to watch as she’d tilt her head this way and that way until she could get the toy lined up just right.

Chassis thrives on activities that are both physically and mentally engaging. Even if Chassis is relaxed, we can see her mind going a mile a minute as she will watch your every move intently occasionally giving a curious little head tilt as if she was saying “hmmmm why did you do that?”. She’s also keenly aware of everything and is the first to alert to any changes in our surroundings.

Chassis is a great example of what high PLAY drive looks like. There isn’t any competitive edge, no killer instinct, the girl just loves to run! Her eyes light up as soon as you pick up a toy, ball, stick, or anything else that you might throw. But, if any of the other dogs take off after the thrown toy, she’ll immediately back off and run back to us asking for us to throw something else for her. Aside from the obvious reason of bringing the toy back to us so we can throw it, her only other reason for wanting a toy is to use it to encourage another dog to chase her. We have videos of her getting all of the dogs to chase her as she runs around and around one of our big trees. It is all just a game to her.

Despite all of the energy and confidence Chassis exudes, she’s a sweet, sensitive girl on the inside. She really does not like to disappoint her family so a stern look or stern command is enough of a deterrent to her. She always keeps one eye on her family even when she’s busy playing and will regularly come visit just for a few pats. If you sit or lay at her level, she reverts into puppy mode and will try to lay on you or in your lap to snuggle in as close as possible and then ask for belly rubs.




TT Temperament Tested (ISSR)



Chassis's Sire Dexter
Zion's Dexter Dazzling Sentinel


Chassis's Dam Zanthe
Guardian's Zanthe of Meritage

Despite Chassis coming to us from the Netherlands, she still has North American roots - her mother was born at Guardian Kennels in Canada and her father was born in Pennsylvania at Sentinel Shilohs.

Dexter has grown into such a nice mix of his parents - he’s got Shawnee’s awesome size and great movement and the outgoing, friendly attitude and sweet expression of his father Guido. I had the pleasure of doing the LER on Dexter and his siblings and Dexter was one of my favourites from the litter! He had such great confidence and just enough drive to play without being too energetic.

Zanthe is the gorgeous black sable with the stunning wild look that so many people adore. Much of the publicity photos and materials for the Shiloh Shepherd Netherlands Chapter uses Zanthe because she is so photogenic. She’s also got the personality to match her good looks - she’s very smart and loves everyone she meets.