Riverwind's Rev It for Victory


Date of Birth: Sept 26, 2014
Breeder: Riverwind Shilohs
Co-owned with: Riverwind Shilohs
Gender: Female

Coat: Plush
Colour: Dark Dual (black and cream)

Height: 26 inches
Weight: 80 pounds

Hips: PennHip pending
Elbows: pending
Heart: holtered clear

Temperment: Medium
Temperament Test: pending


Rivet/TBD May 2017

About Rivet

Rivet is currently the youngest in our pack and she knows it! She’ll try to use puppy antics to get away with whatever she can with the other dogs or us - despite the fact she’s nearly 2 years old! She will put on her best “don’t be mad, I’m just a puppy” expression with great big tail wags. It can be hard to not crack a smile or laugh at her which of course is exactly the reaction she’s hoping for!

When working with Rivet she has outstanding focus! Nothing will break her concentration when you have her engaged. A great example was during our obedience class we were asked to heel our dogs past a plate of hot dogs in order to work on the leave it command. Rivet was so focused looking up during the heel, she had no idea there was even any food on the floor!

On the other hand, if you don’t have Rivet sufficiently interested in what you want to do, she’s very happy to go off and do her own thing. Much like our Piston, Rivet has quite the independent streak and will entertain herself very well. She doesn’t depend on us or the pack to have fun and so we often find Rivet wandering off to follow her own pursuits - be it her nose, throwing a toy around for herself, or just laying in the grass watching the action.

Rivet isn’t a high energy girl and she doesn’t really have a lot of drive. (Food and praise are her prefered motivators.) She’ll chase and retrieve a few toys, but she’s usually watching for something better going on. Typically she’d much rather interact with us or one of the other dogs to play a little bit of keep away then just run for the sake of running (like Chassis). Normally Rivet is the first to lay down with a toy to chew by herself.

When it comes to people, Rivet definitely prefers the company of her family first. She’s willing to meet new people, but beyond a few sniffs she’s just not that interested. But with her family, it’s clear how much she cares and regularly greets them with lots of kisses and big wags.



Rivet's Sire Scirocco
Solace's Scirocco v Epic


Rivet's Dam Junebug
Riverwind's Juna-Star of Grace

Looking at both of Rivet’s parents, it is no surprise where she got her looks!

Scirocco is one of Solace Shiloh’s studs and was born not far from us - we got to meet this guy and his siblings when he was about 8 weeks old! He’s a handsome big boy with an incredibly laid back personality. He can contently lay in a busy situation and just watch the world go by, but he will happily jump up for affection if anyone looks like they want to say hello.

Junebug is the sweet love bug from Riverwind Shilohs. She’s a big, solid girl with an even bigger heart and considers everyone she meets a friend, showering them with kisses. Pleasing her family is definitely top priority for Junebug. She did well in the show ring as a puppy, but found she was much more interested in helping people and kids and is now a certified Therapy Dog.