bCH Victory's Hemi of Shamira-Zion TT

Hemi Standing in Snow


Date of Birth: June 12, 2010
Breeder: Shamira Shilohs
Gender: Female

Coat: Smooth
Colour: Grey Sable

Height: 27 inches
Weight: 95 pounds

Hips: PennHip L: 0.32 R: 0.29
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: Normal (Practitioner's exam)

Temperment: Medium
Temperament Test: Scored 100%


Hemi/Piston June 2012
Hemi/Lomax May 2014
Hemi/Sluggo July 2016
Hemi Peeking

About Hemi

Hemi is everything we think a shepherd should be: outgoing, fun loving, obedient, completely dedicated to her family, always up for an activity, watchful and nurturing. She is without a doubt the matriarch of our pack and has always been a great mother to her own puppies and anyone else’s (like Hope’s single pup Bristol). We are looking forward to our younger girls having a chance to learn from the best with Hemi’s next litter.

Hemi has always been very observant and if she notices something that she thinks is out of place, she’ll come and poke us with her nose to get our attention. A great example was our first winter in our current home there was a big windstorm that blew open our front door, Hemi came and gently woke us up to tell us something was wrong. We’re sure she wishes she could talk because she will stare deep into our eyes trying hard to send the mental image of what she thinks is important. When asked, she is (usually) good about leading you to where or what she is concerned about, although sometimes it’s just the food bag because she’s ready for a snack!

We often call her Dr Hemi because of her attentiveness and incredible nose. She will always notice when something is different on us or one of the dogs. She will sniff out new cuts, bruises, or any other sores on us or the other dogs and she’ll often give the injury soft little kisses.

Most people only get to Hemi’s serious side, but those she has in her close family circle get to see the real sweet and silly girl we know. Her excited “welcome home” greetings tend to include a “woo-woo” howl that only a mother could love - she does not have the prettiest singing voice! But it always brings a smile or a laugh to our faces to which she responds to with big wags and a happy grin. Her other favourite “attention getting” move is she’ll lay somewhere close by and will “thwack” her tail against the floor and as soon as you look in her direction she will roll onto her back and swish her tail from side to side with all 4 feet up in the air.

Hemi has always been full of drive and energy. She loves to be busy - whether that is working with you, playing with another dog or keeping an eye on everything or most recently, chasing the frogs in our creek. Hemi does have some prey drive, she really does like to chase moving things, but whenever she’s caught anything it’s never been harmed. She’s only interested in the game and is more curious than anything. Hemi has met baby and adult birds, squirrels, cats/kittens, mice and has never harmed any of them...but of course if they are going to run, she’ll gladly run after them.

As she’s matured, Hemi has definitely come to appreciate some of the comforts of being a loved family dog. We have one piece of furniture, a futon, that the dogs are allowed on and Hemi very quickly claimed it as her favourite spot. During the day, she’ll stretch out on the futon and rest her chin on the windowsill watching over the yard.


Show Wins

Best Opposite Sex Wins 5
Best of Breed Wins 6
Best In Show Wins 1


bCH Breed Champion (ISSR)
TT Temperament Tested (ISSR)
Top Puppy - Smooth Female (ISSR)



Hemi's Sire Buckshot
Vision's Buckshot


Hemi's Dam Mira
Megan's Last Miracle of Zion

Both Hemi’s Sire and Dam are well known for their HUGE size and wonderfully confident and easy going temperaments.

Her sire, Buckshot, is the handsome, giant smooth coat from the first Kira/Chain litter at Vision Kennels. His photo is used frequently across the internet as an ideal representation of a smooth coated male. He was the first Shiloh that we met in person, and what an impression he left! His calm, relaxed attitude to everything was one of the reasons we fell in love with the breed!

Hemi’s Dam, Mira at Shamira Shilohs, is from “the great Meg”s last litter, with Acer as the sire. Mira looks remarkably like her mother (and she flies around the ring like her too!) and she is huge like her father. Mira is often mistaken for a male! She has one of the shortest plush coats we have seen, making her what some call a “smush” coat. Mira had a brief movie career and was used as one of the dogs in the remake of the 1980’s film Red Dawn. She has passed her CGC and is a certified Therapy Dog with TDI.